Monday, February 16, 2009


This is what I did during Valentine's Day:

so much fun! ;D

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Let's Play Top Model, Part 1 : Geek Chic

What would you do, if you were stuck at home for 3 months, doing nothing? Other than becoming a zombie, getting bored to undeath...
TV & Lappy would be your best friends.

So I watch a lot of Top Models (TV & web), from the usual America's Next Top Model, to British NTM, Australia NTM, Canada NTM, etc.

Hmmm.. apparently, some blog were doing the same thing too. They host their own version of "Next Top Model". How? Well.. they invite participants to submit pictures according to specific theme. Then, there's the usual judging time & elimination. U can see the example here ,

Being a copy-cat myself(hehe), why don't I do the same thing too? Except, I just grab any pic from the net & post it here & laugh and it hahaha :D

Shall we get started then?

Okay..this is the first photoshoot. We have 9 contestants..and the theme is "Geek Chic". So models, (model kah?), u suppose to become a trendy geek... as in, look like a dork, but still high-fashion.

*For this round, credits to Sorry I grab ur picta ;D *

Ok, the first person I'm going to call is Lulu. Here's your best shot

S.E.T : I like this pic, but I don't love it. It's cute & cheeky, but it doesn't potray "chic".
Hmm, looks more like a photoshoot for softcore porn. Have you watched "Naughty America"?
*pengsan*. Yeah sorta like that.

The next name I'm going to call, is Evian
S.E.T : Hmmm.... the look is there. But you look stiff. There's no fire from you, no attitude
at all. I can't say anything more.. because, this is really a boring picta

Next, I'm going to call Jameca.
S.E.T : The picture is 50% good. What I mean is, the upper half is ok, but the bottom half..
pure disaster. The green pants, those rainbow socks.. it looks tacky. Like eww. But good
effort though, you're almost there

Horhe..This is your best shot

S.E.T : I don't get it... are u bored with the shot? This is a bad picture. No expression
at all. i just hope, that dat car behind u, will knock you over.. so that, at least we can
see a bit of drama there.

Ungka, you're next.S.E.T : I think this is one the weakest shot here. You look stiff & dead, almost like
a manequin. Even the car behind you looks better.

Ok. Yenna, can you step forward. This is your best shot.S.E.T : This is actually not bad. But, it's not complimenting the theme yet. Owh yeah,
the light... the light!! That's very important, you face should focus on the light!

Next name I'm going to call, is Mikko. Here's your shot
S.E.T : This is quite good! The style works, good pose - not too over the top,
not too boring, just nice. And I like the effect too. Good job!

Stevie. You're next! Here's your best shotS.E.T : Owh..dahling.. I love this! It's perfect! The lighting, the attitude, it's just
goes well together. It's good enough for and ad campaign. Well done! I think is the best
shot out of the bunch

Last but not least, Pong. Here's your best shotS.E.T : Owh no..... why did you closed you eyes? I Just want to shake you so that u would
wake up!It will be a pretty good shot, if you just give us more "ummpH"

Ok, thank you models. The Bloggers will now deliberate, and give their comments. You may leave the room.

*Ok.. so readers, bloggers.. give ur comments too occay! Who shouls stay, who should go*

 >>>Next time, on Part 2 : Battle of the Bloggers! S.E.T will once again, attempt to grab picta from fellow bloggers and put them to center stage! Muahahaha...<<<<

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


I'm back BEACHES!!!!!!!!!! wakakakakaka XD

so sorry.. i have major problem with my internet connection. its good now. so, do wait for my upcoming post k, will post sumthing juicy *ops*