Sunday, December 7, 2008

Eat right... die anyway

Good Sunday uolls!

I assume most of us (students) are on holiday rite now. Yeah... these are the time when we unleash our inner "piggy-ness"... we woke up late ~ then we eat ~ watch tv/online ~ eat again ~ go out ~ sleep late at nite.

No wonder most of us gain weight during the holidays O___O

It's no surprise tat we ate a lot of JUNK FOOD during this season. Plus, Xmas is coming soon. How bout changing tat habit.. at least for this hols?

So I present to you.. a list of healthy junk food for your menu:

1. Cucumber Hot Dog

Looks like a regular hot dog... but it's green (yikes). Taste like one too... only more "vegish" . Absolutely no fat, ver low in carbs. High in vitamin C, O, C12 and K. Don't feel like eating em? Good news! Can also be use as dildo! ;D

2. Spinach Bacon

Ahhh... Popeye's favourite meal... Green Bacon a.k.a Spinach Slice! . With the regular bacon, u gain lotsa fat and unwanted cellulite. But by eating this baby, u gain more muscle and energy to beat those nasty bitch who constantly make insult bout yo mamma. Give it a try! Fry it for 2 minutes and your good to go.

3. Veggie Burger

Should I say more? This oh-so-popular meal is the no.1 choice for vegetarians! (or models) . Made with corns, brussels sprout, lettuce, tomatoes, etc.. and sandwiched by two buns.. what's not to love about it? Easily available at all Fast Food Restaurant. Can't get em still? Well, just order the regular Beef Burger..then toss out tat meat. Wallaaah! U got urself a veggie burger too..!

4. Asparagus Fries

What goes well with burger? Fries of course! But don't u feel guilty eating emm.. imagine one stick gives u 20g of carbs.. U wouldn't wanna tat noo? Tats y... we have Aspagarus Fries! Not only it's delicious, each stickies gives u -10g of carbs. Instead of gaining 20 pounds.. u lose 20 pounds by eating this stuff! WHoa!

Asparagus Fries - The New Magic Stick. Highly recommended for bulimics! Lose weight minus the poking!

5. Green Ice Cream

Finally.. every satisfying meal must end with a tasty dessert. None could be more yummy then the Green Ice Cream! Perfect for ppl with dairy sickness and cow fobia. This yummy greeny treat is made from 10 different leafy vergetables juice... how amazing is tat?

So people.... follow my plan, and you will be the envy of your classmate. Imagine this : On the first day of class, all of them look like piggies except you.. cos instead of gaining kg's... ur losing em! Kewl hah? ;D

One last thing.. don't be afraid to try it out, cos remember this:

(gosh why did I said tat??)

She-eat-teas : I didn't fight my way to the top of the food chain to be a vegetarian.


Bryan Aldridge said...

looks delicious hahahahaha !!!!!!
gimme sum of dat ;P

RicX said...

i created this post especially 4 u bry muakakakak XD

Mell said...


funny foods...