Wednesday, December 10, 2008

5 Great Stuff To Do When Ur Bored

Hey YA!!

I'm back with a brand new she-eat-teas for bored student on holidays! Last time, I told you how to eat right...rite?

Here's the fun part

I bet most of us are stuck at home..doing nothing. Don't u get bored doing the same thing everyday..watching tv, online, etc etc..

Worry no more, I got some solution for ya'll! 5 to be exact... so enjoy ;)

She-eat-teas presents : 5 GREAT STUFF TO DO WHEN YOUR BORED

Ahhhhh.. I have to admit.. Even I enjoy doing this activity. You might think, "What the f**k?!?" But the truth is, this is one of the most relaxing & fun thing to do when ur bored.

Where to get those corks? Plenty...
1) u can get them online. there's a lot of choice there. Some thick, some long, some dark, some fair.. it's really up to u!
2) go to ur local bar.. its everywhere! people just left em behind .. waiting for people like us to pick em up

Alrite.. so u got ur corks.. it's time to soak em!! Soak em really good.. make sure it's all wet. There are a lot of techniques to soak em.. like:
1) The vacuum : When soaking corks, make sure to soak all the air out, then soak it back with warm water. Do it over and over again.
2.) The jet-plane : Soak the corks slow and steady... then slowly gain more speed.
3) The deep-T : Start by soaking it from the top... after that, slowly& gently soak the corks till u reach the very end..

How do u know if ur done? Wait for the cork to squirt some water.. and ur done with ur soaking! Walla!

*My Grandma told me..ever since she lost her teeth, she gets better at soaking corks! Heh.. apparently, u soak corks better if u don't have teeth..weird eh?*


Do you eat to live or live to eat? Whatever! Main line is.. everyone eats! No one gets bored with it..rite??

SO....go and Eat Eat Eat... u don't have to worry about gaining weight, cos once u feel full.. just PUKE!
Yeap... puke that fat out! After that, eat again.. and puke some more. Fun eh? I know rite ;D


So u still think ur fat? Fair enough. Get a lipo then.. or tummy tuck, whichever u likey. How come it's fun? It's not.. it's actually full of pain..and yikes... Monster Needle!! *faint*

WTF where's the fun part then?

It's post-lipo... after ur done sucking out the fatty tissue from ur system! That's the fun part... getting people jealous with ur pretty body ;D *ahaks*


What could be more fun than watching men fighting each other's cock? Too bad.. it's illegal. U can get jail if u participate in such activity. But... most people do it behind the closet

Or.. U can watch it online. Forget the address.. but it's sorta like "" something. Just make sure u go to the proper channel ;D


Yes! Hump the wall! Hump Hump Hump

I just let u go crazy with ur imagination okay.. ;D

Let the picture do the talking:

*He's liking it*

So there you go.. try em all out okeh!
Hopefully school hols won't be so boring after all ;)

She-eat-teas : I have a seemingly dirty mind


Bryan Aldridge said...

more like sucking cock
hahahahahha !!!!!!!!!!!

curi gbr dr blog aku x guna ;P

Hidney said...


RicX said...

bryan---> hello.. gambar ya dari occay... XD

btw.. it is soaking cork.. u never watch em kah? nah klik here -->

hidney --> note to self ... don't blog if ur bored&horny hakhakhak XD

MeLL said...

u forgot to add one more thing to do when ur bored..



RicX said...

mell --> i dont need sleep. I'm a vampire. ;D

Hidney said...

the best time to blog is when u r horny lah ricx... hehe

RicX said...

hidney--> ya kah? i can't think straight though XD

shandye. said...

i am literally ROTFL upon reading this entry. brilliant! ngee...