Thursday, July 31, 2008

Harry Porter & The Half Blood Prince


*yes.. its official*


Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Cliche In A Relationship?

"Hie baby.... I love u so much baby"
"I know honey. You told me everyday."
"But I do love you."
"I understand, but you don't need to repeat it all the time"

*pengsan* T__T

Morning to all my readers! Does the dialog above sounds familiar?

Those are of the relationship cliche. It's not a bad thing actually... only that its kinda annoying. It's good if u let ur partner know that u love him/her every now and then.. but if u keep telling him/her in the same way, don't u think they will get bored?

Imagine this:

Your breakfast : chicken rice
Your lunch : chicken rice
Your dinner : chicken rice


Same goes for love. Get it oready?

It aint wrong to be romantic, but add some flavour to your love life to avoid boredom.

There's tons of ways to express "I LOVE YOU" .In fact, action is louder than words. If you love him/her, than show it, not only by saying it.

Of course every couple would like to hear those magic word, but why not say it only when u mean it? =P

Buy some rose, give presents, make some suprise... there's all sorts of way to show it. So start ur creative engine people!

~GOOD LUCK~ (^_^)

Ghost fo Real?


Ok... like I was so shock with this news. It was so popular that Berita Harian was sold out today (in Kuching I mean)

According to the news:

Nasron Jaffar, 31 (pictured below), spend a nite in a resort at Kuantan with his wife, Wan Nafisah, 30.
So around 11.44pm, 27th July 2008, tat guy took some shot around the room (to test his new camera-phone). As he was looking through the images.. one of the images spook em. It was an image of a guy in white (kain kafan). See below


Some say that "ghost" looks like a transsexual.. cos he has thin brow & some moustache..

Others suggest tat mustache might be his blood...coming from his nose..

HRMMMM *___* no comment..

But is it real?


Here's sumthing i like to share with u guys : "Don't be scared to be Crazy" .There's a saying (more like a lyric of a song =D ) :

"we're never gonna survive, unless we get a little crazy"

No man in this world can ever live happily without doing crazy stuff.
Being insane once in a while is wut keeping us sane.

In relationship, we need to be CRAZY to spice things up..
so that our love life won't be so dull

In our studies/work, we need to be CRAZY
so that we wont get overstressed

And once in a while, I bet most of us have done crazy stuff with
our family/friends.
Don't u think its fun?

So brothers and sisters.. .go out and spread the craziness.
If u guys planning to live long, live life to the fullest!

Cheers =)

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Physical Attraction

How many of u guys are Single? Raise ur hand!! * I can see em*

So, I bet most of u will prefer someone who is attractive/handsome/beautiful with nice physical body.. to be ur couple
*I mean who doesn't*

But does physical attraction really matters?

For me, its not really important. Its more like a bonus.

My criteria's are :
Have goals in life
Able to act professionally
Serious in a relationship

To conclude, looks aren't everything. As long as it is nice to see.. then it's more than enough. What attract me most is the personality of tat person.

Show Off?!

"Cik Giah...lama tak jumpa!"
"Iyelah Cik Pok.. nie ha bz ngan family"
"Oh iye...amboi Cik Giah... cantik gelang tu..suami beli ke?"
"Ahh.. yang nie? Biasa ajer nie Cik Pok. Cincin tu mana kau dapat?"

Familiar with those drama? Hehe..

Well, I bet all of u guys done it before (showing off) .Why do people want to show off? Is it a bad thing or a good thing?

Firstly... showing off is a common thing in the animal kingdom. Just look at those peacocks.. when it's mating season, he will flaunt his beautiful plumage to attract the lady's

The bigger, the better

Same thing for human. Girls are more attracted to guys with big bulge..and vice versa


Ok, the thing is.. actually it's not bad to show off what u got. U know wut they say, :
"If you got it, flaunt it"
Yeah work it Trya!
But showing more than what we have is just plain arrogance. Period

Even worst, when u show off but end up looking stupid *___*

On the other hand, not showing off entirely is just like false humilty/modesty ..a.k.a PLASTIC. Yeah, it's good if we want to be modest or low profile.. but once in a while why not let people see ur "inner shine".

So the key is to do it in MODERATION. There's nothing wrong if u want to gain attention, but do it in a subtle way. Otherwise.. ppl will assume u as an ignorant jerk. (in Malay language, its "KEKWAT")

Monday, July 28, 2008

Dare To Change

gewd afternoon u all!! :D

have u ever been in a situation, whereby u blame other people/mother nature/God/etc .. when u have a problem?

well I do, and I bet most of u guys do it too.. well at least once.

The thing is, it's hard for us to accept that its our own mistake sumtimes. We are human.. and we are bound to make mistake. So it does not hurt to change ourself..

*NO... i dont mean change this sort of way.. but its up 2 u guys hehe*

What i mean is, change ur attitude and personality... now do u get it?

Yeah.. its true what people say.. BE URSELF...

But sumtimes.. changing ur attitude might resolve ur problems. Turn ur negative into positive... turn ur weakness into strength..

So don't be scared to Change... be it mentality, spritually, personalilty.. or even appearance. Just remember to keep ur values.

So next time.. if ur angry & furstrated.. think back. Don't blame the world because it gives u problems... but instead embrace it as a challenge to better urself

I'm Starting With The Man In The Mirror
I'm Asking Him To Change His Ways
And No Message Could Have Been Any Clearer
If You Wanna Make The World A Better Place
Take A Look At Yourself, And Then Make A Change

Good Luck! =)


Two of the best gals of limkokwing kuching are leaving the college... huhuhuhuhu *sad* :(

Gonna miss u all... KEEP IN TOUCH OK!

Gina, the one smiling with her eyes closed =D . She's moving to Swinburne, taking Degree in Business

Angel (at the center).. going to Limkokwing Cyberjaya for Degree in Graphic Design

U guys take care ok =)

Monday Morning..

Don't u just LOVVVEEEE Monday morning? hehehehe =D

woke up this morning.. and guess wut? I have some visitors coming over for bfast =P
tats my neighbor's cat... TamTam. she loves crashing at my place muahahaha...

Say hello to Comot... he's a stray cat. Always come to my house for food hehe

Thank God i still have some Whiskas left.. (but its for kitten though)
TamTam kinda like it... she must be starving. Dunno why my neighbor didn't feed em.. *oopps*

On the other hand, Comot hates it. He just stare at me..asking me to give him some less fancy food *__*

Bye2 kitties!! :D

Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Love Triangle

From Wikipedia:
A love triangle is a romantic relationship involving three people. While it can refer to two people independently romantically linked with a third, it usually implies that each of the three people has some kind of relationship to the other two. that's settle.

So, I bet all of u must have been through this situation too. U know, the classic tale of u having a gf/bf, and he/she cheats on u with another guy/girl. (or could be vice versa..who knows =P )

So, yeah... me myself went through this experience last year. My own friend, had an affair with my other half... huhuuhu..

So if this happen to u all... what would u guys do?

*simbah asid ke muka diorang!!!!!

muahahahahahahaha =D ...

Well, it depends. Me myself, end up forgiving both of them (but.. i did broke up with my other half). But.. I can't never forget it.

Anyways, its been a year already... and I haven't heard from them ever since.

Well that's life.. u just have to accept it. But anywho... I'm seeing sumone else now (yeayyyy!!!) and things are quite good between us =) . I must say.. this person tat I'm seeing rite now...... is wayyyyyy better than all the suckers in my life *ooppsss...out of topic*

I guess when we face difficult situation like this... it's totally up to us to decide what's best. U can forgive them.. or u can forgive one of them.. etc..

*But don't u just get tired will all their nonsense.. I mean different story from each of them*

hmmm... the rest i leave it for u guys to think ... until then..chow!! =D

My First Step


Finally, after all of this year.. a blog from me is born..muahahahaha...

*where's my red carpet??
boooohhhooooo.. by the way.. fans out there... do wait for my "first post" okeh.. rite now.. im kinda bz with.. stuff =P

k..till next time..chow..bye2 and take care!!!

*paluan kompang cepat!!!!

muakakakakakakak .... =D